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During harsh winter months, it isn’t uncommon to experience seasonal depression. The holidays are long over, the days are grey, and your hands can’t seem to stay warm, making joy seem like a thing of the past. Luckily, there might be a natural remedy for your winter blues. Can CBD help with seasonal depression? Let’s find out!

What is Seasonal Depression?

Seasonal Depression, also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (or SAD), affects about 3 million Americans per year. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, seasonal depression is “a type of depression displaying a recurring seasonal pattern.”

To be diagnosed, this pattern must be noted for at least 2 years, and occur during the same season. Winter SAD is most common, however, some individuals experience Seasonal Depression in the summer.

There are a few categories that might make a person more prone to experiencing Seasonal Depression. Risk factors include:

  • Family history of SAD
  • Living far from the equator (according to this study)
  • Being a female
  • Having another mental health disorder

Symptoms specific to SAD include:

  • Low energy
  • Problems maintaining your normal sleep patterns
  • Social withdrawal
  • Restlessness
  • Fluctuations in anxiety levels, or sudden anxiety

Even if you have not been formally diagnosed with Seasonal Depression, you could very well be experiencing it. SAD can impact your work, relationships, and quality of life, making it something you shouldn’t ignore.

Can CBD Help With Seasonal Depression?

For many reasons, CBD can help to naturally relieve seasonal depression. By examining the avenues which CBD uses to alleviate SAD, we can understand the variety of ways in which it can provide relief.

If you are experiencing Seasonal Depression, you may experience increased levels of anxiety. Luckily, research has found that cannabinoid receptors play a critical role in anxiety disorders. Using the CB1 receptors, which influence anxiety levels, CBD increases CB1 transmission and therefore decreases anxiety. Overall, numerous studies have found that CBD can help to alleviate symptoms associated with a multitude of anxiety disorders, making it a natural choice for Seasonal Depression.

Using the endocannabinoid system’s presence throughout the body, CBD can also help to maintain your regular sleep patterns when you’re experiencing Seasonal Depression. Research suggests that CBD cannot only help to maintain sleep patterns but can actually help REM sleep. According to the same literature review, CBD potentially helps with “excessive daytime sleepiness.” When Seasonal Depression strikes, upending your sleep schedule and affecting your energy levels throughout the day, it seems as though CBD can help.

For quite a while, it has been known that the endocannabinoid system helps to regulate mood. While SAD does not often manifest as severely as many mental health disorders, studies agree that it does help to regulate stress responses and overall anxiety. Mental health disorders often impact energy levels, which is characteristic of Seasonal Disorder specifically. Research also shows a tie between a regulated endocannabinoid system and energy levels. With CBD, the endocannabinoid system can be regulated and help to restore your energy when Seasonal Depression strikes.

Turn that Frown Upside Down With CBD

Rather than writing-off those dreary and grey winter months, let CBD help to bring you joy again. With CBD, Seasonal Depression doesn’t have to impact your everyday life. According to the research, CBD can help activate the endocannabinoid system to provide benefits to Seasonal Depression naturally, providing you with a new outlook during your least favorite time of the year.



There are hundreds of CBD companies, all promising you that their product is “the best.” Quite frankly, this is false. Choosing the best company and products requires an overall understanding of CBD production, the market, and recognizing red flags. Here are 3 ways to identify pure high-quality CBD products.

1.) What is the Source of Their CBD?

When buying a CBD product, one of the first things consumers should ask themselves is, “where is this CBD being sourced from?”

If a CBD company isn’t being forthcoming about where their CBD is coming from, that’s a red flag.

At Infinite CBD, we work hard to be transparent:

Our CBD Isolate is sourced from hemp cultivated by local hemp farms. These hemp plants are tested to ensure potent, clean, and safe CBD products. Working directly with certified hemp growers in CO allows us to establish quality relationships to get the best quality hemp.

2.) Are These CBD Products Lab-Tested?

As a consumer, you have the right to known exactly what is going into your body at all times. Unfortunately, some CBD companies don’t think so. If a CBD company doesn’t share the lab results of their products or is reluctant to share them with you, walk away.

Integrity is essential, especially when the FDA has warned multiple CBD companies about lying about the CBD content in their products. Consumers seeking relief should never be lied to.

Additionally, lab-tests will reveal if there are any pollutants or solvents left-over from extraction – all of which can be harmful to your health.

Infinite CBD always shares our lab results:

Our customers come first here at Infinite CBD. Every batch of our CBD Isolate is lab-tested. We do this to be transparent, and to show that we are creating the safest, cleanest, purest CBD products. To view each batch lab result, click on the “Lab Results” tab on each product page.

3.) Do They Offer A Variety of Products For My Specific Needs?

If you’ve found a company that sources their products from high-quality hemp AND shares their lab-tests with you, do they offer the products YOU need?

Few CBD companies cater to the needs of all of this customers. They oftentimes forget that various health conditions don’t allow for specific consumption methods.

Infinite CBD offers an array of products:

We recognize the diverse needs of our clientele, which is why we offer 10 unique products, all containing the same pure high-quality CBD Isolate. In addition to our 10 unique products, many of our CBD products come in a variety of terpene profiles, allowing you to further customize your needs.

Understanding that our customers have different needs is our specialty, which is why we work diligently to create new products and add more terpene profiles to our arsenal regularly. At Infinite CBD, it’s all about you!

Infinite CBD Offers Pure High-Quality CBD Products

Knowing the source of CBD products, seeing their lab tests, and offering a variety of consumption methods are 3 ways to identify pure high-quality CBD products.

Luckily, when searching for the best CBD products to fit your needs, you don’t have to look very far. You can find all Infinite CBD products here.

If you have any questions about our sourcing, lab-tests, or products, please reach out to us.



Many cannabinoids exist, and these cannabinoids can be isolated. When considering how you can best benefit from different cannabinoids, it’s important to know the form they come in. Many people have enjoyed relief from THC for decades, but what about CBD. Looking to benefit from CBD, but what is CBD with no THC?

What is THC?

THC is perhaps the most well-known cannabinoid in the cannabis plant. THC is a psychoactive cannabinoid that was discovered in the early 1940’s. Long before then, however, people were smoking weed and feeling the effects of THC.

In the 1960’s the war on drugs focused on Tetrahydrocannabinol (and other substances), claiming that society, and mostly youth, were being negatively affected. The movement put forth legislation that would forever impact the way society views cannabis. For example, THC (marijuana) remains on the Schedule I substances list, which is set forth by the federal government.

In more recent years, a handful of US states have passed laws that allow their citizens to access THC for medicinal and recreational reasons. 11 states and the District of Columbia have legalized medical and recreational marijuana, with many more states having legalized just medical.

Progress is progress. Especially when research demonstrates the many benefits that THC can have on serious and mild medical conditions. More so than ever before, our society is talking about THC. From regular news stories to political debates, it’s clear that THC isn’t going anywhere.

What is CBD?

CBD is a cannabinoid that is also found in the cannabis plant. CBD is found alongside other cannabinoids, like THC. Unlike its more well-known cousin, CBD does not have any psychoactive effects. If you consume CBD, you won’t ever feel high.

Recently, CBD has grown in popularity. CBD found its way into the news when we heard about the story of Charlotte Figi, a young girl with a dilapidating seizure disorder, who found relief with CBD. Since then, the media, the medical field, and the cannabis community have had a growing interest in CBD.

Interestingly, hemp has higher concentrations of Cannabidiol, which has allowed many companies to get around the Schedule I classification that marijuana holds. This has made it available in almost every state.

Like THC, research has found that CBD has a variety of benefits. From daily use, to use for specific conditions, it’s becoming evident that CBD has increasingly profound medical potential. With very few (if any) side effects, CBD is becoming an integral part of the cannabis community.

What is CBD with no THC?

When people think of cannabis products, they immediately think of THC. Some people, however, want the benefits without the psychoactive effects. Others have to avoid THC for fears they could fail a drug screen.

So, exactly what is CBD with no THC?

Science has allowed us to isolate cannabinoids. This means you can enjoy the benefits of CBD on its own. This type of CBD is known as CBD isolate. CBD isolate is great for people seeking the natural benefits of cannabis products without the high.

CBD with no THC means that individuals who reside in states where THC is illegal can still benefit from its well-researched fellow cannabinoid, CBD.

CBD with no THC means that individuals can use CBD without worrying about trace amounts of THC, like in full spectrum products, for fear of a surprise drug test.

Many CBD isolate products, like those made by Infinite CBD, come with certificates of analysis. These lab-tests show our dedication to transparency and ensure you’re getting the highest quality CBD available.

Try CBD with No THC

There are numerous benefits to using CBD products that contain no THC. Now that you know the vital differences between these two cannabinoids, you can make an educated decision about the route you want to take for your health.

Interested in trying CBD isolate products? Available in a variety of delicious delivery methods, CBD isolate products by Infinite CBD are very loved by the CBD community.



What do you use Cannabidiol (CBD) for? How can it help improve your life, mental outlook, or overall well-being? CBD is used for many different purposes. They range from gaining medicinal and/or therapeutic relief and receiving a well-being boost. This cannabinoid is also widely used to reap its many health benefits. In one way or another, each of us have parts of ourselves that can be improved or enhanced. This is where CBD plays a special role, especially in our personal lives. Infinite CBD’s big bang lube is typically used as a sexual lubricant. However, it can also be used as a CBD massage oil.

Benefits and Advantages of CBD

Whether you, a friend, or family member is feeling unwell, CBD can serve a special purpose. For many people, CBD is used to achieve calmness, tranquility, and relaxation. No matter what you may struggling with, in some way, CBD can make a difference.

Nowadays, different topical CBD products have captured the attention of people worldwide. Numerous topical CBD products like lotions, balms, and creams are meeting people’s demands while delivering relief. CBD lubes are making a bold name for themselves too. Overall, CBD contains analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, anti-spasm, and antidepressant properties. These benefits are only a select few that have drawn people in over time.

Big Bang Lube as CBD Massage Oil

In addition, many consumers use Infinite CBD’s big bang lube as a CBD massage oil. To many, Big Bang CBD Lube is treasured in the bedroom as a sexual intercourse enhancer. It is also treasured as a CBD massage oil that can relax you in all the right places. The big bang lube is normally applied to sensitive female and male body parts. It can also be applied to other body parts as a CBD massage oil. Not only do you gain benefits from the CBD in this product, but you also gain much more.

Specifically, your body can benefit from therapeutic essential oils present in the big bang lube. These essential oils can help enhance a massage and soothing sexual experience. If you rather use this product for massage purposes, prepare to experience physically relaxing effects and full-body relief. Before giving yourself or someone else a massage, rub the big bang lube in between your hands. Then, apply it generously on the body parts that need the most attention and relief.

Significance of Massages & Using CBD Massage Oils

For years, massages have been used for their natural therapeutic powers. They are also an alternative way of alleviating physically uncomfortable symptoms like pain, inflammation, muscle spasms, and aches.

In places where cannabis and CBD are medically and recreationally legal, certain spas and massage businesses are offering a unique service. This service consists of providing people with cannabis or CBD-infused massages. However, most people do not have access to these kinds of businesses to benefit from a CBD-infused massage. On the plus side, different CBD massage oils can do just the trick in the comfort of your own home.

Make CBD Your Next Best Friend

Overall, CBD’s potential benefits can help people live happier and healthier lives. It can also help individuals achieve the natural yet effective relief they desperately need. The next time you use Big Bang CBD Lube, why not turn it into a massage first? Try using this product to not only help yourself, but to also help a loved one.

Turn your usual CBD experience into something much more memorable. Apply the big bang lube as a CBD massage oil, and discover all the thrills it can help bring out of you!



Using CBD Oil for Alcohol Recovery

Alcohol–a popular and widely consumed substance by people all over the world. Despite the long-time usage of this drug, it has its fair share of negatives and risks. In the U.S. alone, more than 88,000 deaths occur from alcohol consumption every year. Alcohol over-usage is also one of America’s most preventable causes of death. Unfortunately, alcohol can negatively impact one’s mind and body. For people undergoing the alcohol recovery process though, what treatment methods are available? For one, there is a strong link between cannabis, CBD oil, and alcohol recovery. In which ways is CBD oil and alcohol recovery intertwined though?

Reasons for Consuming CBD to Combat Health Issues Including Addiction

CBD is used for a wide variety of reasons depending on the person and their situation. These reasons can range from relieving pain caused by medical conditions to gaining mental and emotional relief from depression or anxiety. Or, sometimes CBD is used to help people transition away from harmful substances or other drugs. One particular drug that can negatively affect one’s mood, thoughts, behavior, and actions is alcohol.

Nowadays, alcohol is regularly consumed and sometimes over-consumed, especially in social settings. It can also lead people down dark paths of dependency and/or addiction. Some people are more prone to developing addictions. Whereas, others are not as susceptible, but they can still fall into an addictive pattern. Despite the risks and dangers associated with alcohol usage, it is still one of the most widely consumed drugs in the world. Sadly, more than 15 million Americans suffer from an alcohol use disorder. Besides rehabilitation programs, what other natural remedies exist for aiding in alcohol recovery?

Relationship Between CBD Oil and Alcohol Recovery

In addition, one way to transition away from alcohol is to consume cannabis, CBD, or various CBD-infused products. CBD in general contains a plethora of medicinal and therapeutic benefits. When one is recovering from an alcohol disorder, they often undergo withdrawal symptoms. One way that CBD can help those undergoing alcohol recovery is by alleviating negative alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Several of these symptoms include pain, nausea, vomiting, appetite changes, insomnia, irritability, and mood changes.

Fortunately, CBD contains analgesic, antiemetic, and anti-nausea properties. This cannabinoid can even help boost and balance out people’s moods. As a result, this type of change can improve one’s well-being and quality of life while undergoing the alcohol recovery process. Furthermore, it has been found that CBD can help reduce oxidative stress and inflammation. Both these symptoms can occur from alcohol abuse and addiction.

Another way CBD can aid in the alcohol recovery process is its ability to curb addictive behavior. One review discovered that CBD can reduce stress that occurs in the brain. However, the cannabinoid can also aid in preventing neurotoxicity. Both oxidative stress and neurotoxicity usually occur as a result of drug addiction including that of alcohol.

Non-psychoactive CBD Oil and Alcohol Recovery

Last but not least, although CBD can be extracted from cannabis, it is non-psychoactive. Thus, users feel no high after consuming this substance. Therefore, there is no need to worry about becoming addicted or dependent on CBD. But rather, this cannabinoid may help addicts transition away from other drugs including alcohol. It even serves a purpose in helping individuals recover from alcohol abuse problems.

Ultimately, CBD usage is not a cure all. But, it can serve a beneficial purpose in the lives of those struggling with alcohol addiction. When recovering from alcohol addiction, it can be overwhelming and stressful. However, with a solid support system, natural remedies like CBD, and lifestyle changes, a lot of progress can be made. Learn more about how CBD can serve a purpose in the area of alcohol recovery by reading this informative article!



Allergies come in all shapes and forms. Some types affect the internal body, and others affect the external body by showing physical symptoms. The latter type can be categorized as a skin allergy. Although each allergy is different, over 50 million Americans endure many variations of allergies yearly. Skin allergies can be a massive nuisance though, especially if they get in the way of individuals being who they are. Fortunately, natural skin allergy remedies like CBD are available, which can help deliver relief to all age groups. The overall relationship between CBD oil and skin allergies is a unique one that will be further explored below.

Common Types of Skin Allergies & Affected Individuals

Besides external health issues, there are internal ones to look out for such as physical skin allergies. Surprisingly, skin allergies impact millions of people worldwide. But, what kind of skin allergies are there? Skin allergies can pop up as hives, eczema, dermatitis, skin inflammation, and even contact allergies.

Furthermore, if you come in contact with poison ivy or poison oak, there’s a high chance of a skin allergy unleashing unwanted symptoms. People can also experience skin allergy symptoms from exposure to dust mites, cockroaches, latex, and even specific foods. Ultimately, most skin allergies normally lead to unwanted inflammation, aches, and discomfort.

Although adults can suffer from skin allergies, children are the ones who are the most affected. In 2015, it was reported that 8.8 million children struggled with skin allergies. Out of all kid age groups, those aged 0-4 years old are the most likely to experience skin allergies. After living with skin allergy symptoms, what can be done to effectively combat them?

CBD Oil and Skin Allergies–Benefits and Uses

Although skin allergies can take a toll on an individuals’ life, its symptoms can be even more frustrating. So, what kind of natural remedies and treatment options are available? A natural and alternative medicine that can help alleviate skin allergy symptoms is Cannabidiol (CBD). Regardless of the type of skin allergy one has, CBD oil and skin allergies share an interesting relationship.

In general, the link between CBD oil and skin allergies is unique. The array of benefits CBD infused products can deliver is usually enough to combat skin allergy symptoms. For example, thanks to CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties, individuals with skin allergies can experience inflammatory relief. As a result, they can carry on with their day without being consumed and overwhelmed from their allergies.

Besides CBD’s anti-inflammatory benefits, the cannabinoid can stimulate circulation within the body. It can also relieve chronic pain, aches, and discomfort populated in the body’s muscles and joints. CBD doesn’t just contain medicinal and therapeutic properties though. It contains nutritional benefits too. Some of these benefits include antioxidants, Omega fatty acids, and plant-based protein. Nowadays, more people with skin allergies are opting for CBD products because of its medicinal and nutritional value.

Optimal CBD Products for Treating Skin Allergy Symptoms

In addition, CBD is completely non-psychoactive. Thus, it can help treat skin allergies and disorders in young children. This cannabinoid is also non-toxic, non-addictive, and safe for all age groups. For the millions of children with skin allergies, the most suitable CBD products to try include the following: oral, sublingual, and/or topical items

In some cases of skin allergies, people experience more than inflammation. If one’s skin allergies cause mental or emotional symptoms, it’s suggested to consume an oral or sublingual CBD product. However, if one experiences chronic inflammation and physical aches in specific areas, a topical CBD product will likely work better.

For several years, CBD oil and skin allergies have been grouped together for both personal and research purposes. There’s still a lot to learn about the role between using CBD oil products to help treat skin allergies though. What we do know is how CBD’s natural benefits can provide relief to many skin allergy sufferers. Specifically, the following are some of CBD’s benefits that can make a huge difference in alleviating skin allergy symptoms: analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-itch, moisturizing properties, and antioxidant delivery.

Rather than traveling down the pharmaceutical route of anti-allergy medications, why not try a natural remedy like CBD first?



During our May Wholesale Feature of the Month, learn why Hub City Hemp has successfully become one of our largest wholesale locations. With a target market of everyone, Chad Walker, Hub City Hemp Co-Owner understands that a high quality product at a reasonable price is what will create optimal return on investment. Luckily, Infinite CBD offers competitive pricing and test results for consistency and purity.

There are many things that make a CBD appealing but one thing that many don’t have is the attention to detail and the incorporation of the cannabis plant. Using terpenes in products like Absolute Zero and the Dropper offer customers at Hub City Hemp the opportunity to specifically cater CBD consumption to their needs. Terpenes contribute to the entourage effect which, Chad says is a reason he loves Infinite CBD.

At Hub City Hemp, terpenes are a large focus for the business. Not only does the staff believe in terpenes, but the products with Charlotte’s Web or Strawberry Diesel terpenes in them are some of the most popular. Further, the Pineapple Express terpene provide helped a customer eliminate a tumor in their abdomen.

Hub City Hemp has been helping us improve the world’s quality of life since November 2018. It is time you joined them and started wholesaling Infinite CBD today!