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The Ultimate Guide to CBD Gummies – Benefits & Recipes

CBD Gummy Bears

In this Ultimate Guide to CBD Gummies, we will explore what exactly CBD gummies are, the potential health benefits, the potential effects of consuming CBD Gummies, and a delicious Peach Chamomile Homemade CBD Gummy Bear recipe.

The Ultimate Guide to CBD Gummies


CBD Gummies 750mg Jar 2

CBD, cannabidiol, is taking the wellness scene by storm, and for good reason. Many anecdotal and evidence-based theories have demonstrated the therapeutic value of CBD when used properly.

That is great news because our bodies have an endocannabinoid system.

The endocannabinoid system is supported by powerful anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties found in the cannabis plant.

CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning it does not give the feeling of intoxication or ‘being high’. However, CBD still offers many other therapeutic health benefits.

You may have heard of ‘edibles’ before. Edibles are a way of consuming CBD or other forms of cannabis in food. As the marketplace continues to grow, we continue to see CBD and cannabis put into just about every food possible.

Just check out my CBD Infused Pumpkin Spice Latte.

The Ultimate Guide to CBD Gummies 2


CBD Gummies 750mg Jar 3

For many people, the thought of cannabis edibles conjures up stereotypical images. Just imagine a friend accidentally eating too much of a ‘special brownie’ and subsequently freaking out or passing out.

Thankfully with the rapid legalization of marijuana, talk of CBD or THC edibles has become much more diverse.

The Cannabis plant has two distinct varieties, the hemp plant, and the marijuana plant. Industrial hemp plants are high in the health-promoting cannabinoid CBD, and low in the psychoactive component THC.

CBD extracted from industrial hemp became federally legal in December of 2018 with the passage of The Farm Bill. That is why you are likely seeing CBD products everywhere these days.

One of the most common products found on the unregulated market are CBD or THC infused gummies.

Gummy bears were invented by a German factory worker in the 1920s. Over time, they have grown to become one of America’s favorite candies.

As stated by Bon Appetit, gummy bears “surely have one of the most devoted followings of any candy in history”.

For the purpose of this post, we will only be talking about CBD, not THC, as recreational marijuana use is not yet legal here in New York.


As a Holistic Cannabis Practitioner and dietitian nutritionist, my clients come to me looking for ways to improve their health through the creation of a holistic lifestyle.

Currently, CBD is the hot new trend.

A properly designed CBD regimen is an excellent addition to any holistic lifestyle, however, finding the perfect CBD regimen can be tricky. For the cannabis-naive user, CBD gummies can be a great place to start.



CBD gummies are gummies that have been infused with CBD. CBD gummies are typically consumed for recreational, medical, social, or meaningful health and wellness purposes. These candies can be made with CBD Hemp Oil, CBD concentrate, or CBD isolate.

Consuming CBD orally has a different, less potent, effect on the body than if CBD were applied topically, sublingually, or inhaled or vaped.

The average bioavailability rate of orally consumed CBD is approximately 6%. CBD undergoes the extensive first-pass metabolism and is slow to work in the body.

Given that the bioavailability of orally consumed CBD is only 6%, it may be necessary to take higher doses, or to increase the serving size, to observe any noticeable effects.

It is important to pair orally ingested CBD with a properly designed CBD regimen that includes various methods of delivery for maximum effectiveness.


This is a tricky question because many different states have different regulations.

Here in NY where I live, purchasing CBD Gummies from a retailer is currently illegal. Using CBD and making your own CBD Gummies at home is not illegal. You should check with your local state, city or town for specific recommendations.

The 2018 Farm Bill removed hemp from the Controlled Substances Act. This means that hemp is no longer a controlled substance under federal law. It is legal to consume hemp-derived CBD, but the use of CBD oil in food and food products is illegal under the FDA.

On April 2nd, 2019 FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, M.D. issued a formal statement on the FDA’s new steps to advance agency’s continued evaluation of potential regulatory pathways for cannabis-containing and cannabis-derived products.


“The FDA requires a cannabis product (hemp-derived or otherwise) that’s marketed with a claim of therapeutic benefit to be approved by the FDA for its intended use before it may be introduced into interstate commerce. Additionally, it is unlawful to introduce food containing added CBD, or the psychoactive compound THC, into interstate commerce, or to market CBD or THC products as dietary supplements. This is because CBD and THC are active ingredients in FDA-approved drug products and were the subject of substantial clinical investigations before they were marketed as food. In such situations, with certain exceptions that are not applicable here, the only path that the FD&C Act allows for such substances to be added to foods or marketed as dietary supplements is if the FDA first issues a regulation, through notice-and-comment rulemaking, allowing such use”.

Also made in the statement (which makes me cringe):

“Additionally, we’re interested in how the incentives for, and the feasibility of, drug development with CBD and other cannabis-derived compounds would be affected if the commercial availability of products with these compounds, such as foods and dietary supplements, were to become significantly more widespread”.

AKA – the FDA doesn’t want a product that they can make money off of as a ‘pharmaceutical drug’ to be readily available to the public in food and dietary supplements.

(How else would they make money? I digress.)


While CBD itself has been studied for its many therapeutic properties, remember that you will be only feeling about 6% of the potential effects due to the bioavailability rate of orally ingested CBD.

That is why I recommend CBD Gummies to be added to a curated CBD regimen for optimal health.

CBD when taken sublingually or buccally through a tincture, vaporized, or even used topically has a much higher bioavailability rate and will produce more of the typical anecdotal effects reported by consumers.


  • Epilepsy and seizure disorders
  • Pain and inflammation
  • PTSD and anxiety
  • IBD – Crohn’s disease & Ulcerative Colitis
  • IBS – Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Opioid withdrawal
  • Preventive health


No, eating CBD Gummies will not get you high (if CBD hemp oil is the only cannabis extract being used). However, there is always the potential for cross-contamination or improper labeling if you are purchasing a premade product from a retailer.

With that being said, whole-plant CBD hemp oil does contain less than 0.3% THC. This means that you will be ingesting small amounts of THC when consumed. While it is likely not enough to induce psychoactive effects, it may be enough to create a positive result on a drug test.

For those individuals who need to ensure that no THC is consumed, it is recommended to use a broad spectrum CBD hemp oil or concentrate. Broad spectrum means that THC and other plant metabolites have been removed.

Learn more about full spectrum hemp oil vs. broad spectrum hemp oil, click here.


In 2018, a questionnaire was used to assess reasons for CBD use by self-described users. Of the 2,409 people surveyed, it was found that chronic pain, arthritis, and joint pain were the most common reasons for CBD use.

“Results: Almost 62% of CBD users reported using CBD to treat a medical condition. The top three medical conditions were pain, anxiety, and depression. Almost 36% of respondents reported that CBD treats their medical condition(s) “very well by itself,” while only 4.3% reported “not very well.” One out of every three users reported a nonserious adverse effect”.

While there are many evidence-based and anecdotal reports to confirm that CBD can reduce the instance of pain in the human body, it is again important to keep in mind that the bioavailability of CBD when consumed orally is only 6%.

This means that you may need to consume high doses of CBD within CBD gummies, or enjoy CBD gummies as an adjunct to a more formal CBD regimen that includes other ingestion routes.


Properly dosing CBD is the #1 question I continue to receive as a Holistic Cannabis Practitioner. Whether it be on Instagram, in email or in real life, everyone wants to know “How much CBD Should I Take?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is not cut and dry and not the same for everyone. Plus, confidentiality is important, and legally I need to protect both myself and the client when giving out specific recommendations.

A CBD dosage recommendation should be made on a case-by-case basis for each individual. There are different concentrations of CBD oil and different situations for which it would be appropriate to be used. Thus different dosages are required for different individuals.

That is why I hold personal classes for helping my patients determine their perfect CBD Dose.

As one of my clients, we are both protected through HIPPA laws, you can rest easy knowing your information is confidential and stored in a secure place, and you will be able to contact me through a private messaging service to have your personal questions answered.


The answer is yes, you can get CBD gummies for sale. But the more important question is – are they safe? And is it legal?

The answer appears to be no, no, and no. Take a look at some of the recent articles published surrounding this controversial topic:

  • Key marijuana chemical called CBD can no longer be added to food, drinks in NYC” – NBC News
  • The Crackdown on CBD Edibles Has Begun” – Esquire
  • New York City cracks down on CBD edibles, saying cannabis derivative isn’t safe” – Star Advertiser


Along with brownies, gummies and gummy bears seem to be one of the most popular edible choices on the market these days, especially for first time consumers.

Unfortunately, I have noticed that most of the CBD or hemp infused products on the marketplace are filled with ingredients that don’t exactly support good health, like high fructose corn syrup, artificial food dyes, artificial sugar and tons of unnecessary added sugar.


As a  Holistic Cannabis Practitioner and a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, I can’t help but ask myself: what is the point of taking these CBD edibles if they are made with ingredients that don’t support good health?


Ingredients: Industrial hemp cannabidiol (CBD), melatonin, corn syrup, white grape juice from concentrate, gelatin, citric acid, sorbitol, natural and artificial flavors, carnauba wax, artificial colors (red 40, yellow 5, yellow 6, blue 1). Manufactured in a facility that produces, processes and packages products that may contain nuts, eggs, soy, dairy, wheat, and gluten.


Ingredients: Whole fruits and vegetables, filtered water, pasture-raised grass-fed bovine hide gelatin powder, and high-quality cannabidiol (CBD) oil with an optional sweetener of choice.


Luckily, after weeks and weeks of testing, I have locked down a Homemade Edible CBD Infused Gummy recipe that I am really happy with. This recipe tastes amazing, it can easily be customized, and all of the ingredients have a health-promoting property.

Each fruit puree contains real fruits and real vegetables which give the gummies a vibrant color, a delicious taste, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and even dietary fiber – without anything artificial.


If you are like me, you might want to make your gummies RIGHT NOW, but there are a few things you’re going to need before you can make this recipe. You can certainly opt for alternatives, but to make these the right way, you’re going to need to order a few things first:

  • Fresh Fruit, Frozen Fruit or 100% Fruit Juice
  • VivaConcentrate Full Spectrum 500mg CBD Revival Concentrate
  • Vital Proteins Unflavored Pasture-Raised, Grass-Fed Bovine Hide Beef Gelatin Powder


  • Immersion Blender
  • Silicone Mold
  • Digital Read Thermometer
  • Diffuser 


  • Use the exact same molds. Do not use different shapes as the different sizes will yield different amounts of CBD concentration. 
  • Set your intention first. Do you want to eat the entire batch while watching Netflix on the couch, or do you want to take two a day along with your daily multivitamin??

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